Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa! I Know Him!

On Saturday we decided to go ahead and take the littles to visit Santa. The closer it gets to Christmas the more hectic things get, so we decided to go ahead and make the trip. The kids were so excited! Well, Lucas was so excited! HA! Blake was pretty excited too but that is because we took them to Bass Pro Shops instead of the mall this year.

I snapped a few photos before we left. My mother bought Paisley the cutest dress and I knew it would be perfect for this! She looked precious in it (or "scrumptious" as the hubs has been calling her).

 Lucas thought his shirt was awesome! It's a Christmas shirt without being so "baby". He loves skull and crossbones and of course you can see why he loved it. We got it at Crazy 8.

You would think with Blake being the oldest that he would be the easiest. He hates to cooperate for photos. I am chalking it up to his age...

Are you ready for our Santa photo? No really, this years photo can never be topped! It is simply amazing.

Drum roll.......

HA! One child screaming (I expected no less from her), one staring into the distance, and the other is thinking "I really wanna go look at the duck calls....". CLASSIC! I have it framed proudly for everyone to see. I cannot wait for them to see it when they are sixteen. ;)



Crazycurls said...

OMG, so cute!!! This is the kind of pic you need to send to the Ellen show!

Whitney Dyer said...

I believe this is how my daughter will be this year too!!!! So cute! And you are looking fabulous, by the way!

Nicole said...

Crazycurls- I am trying so hard to find someone to submit this to. I think it could be a winner! Is Ellen taking these??

Whitney you are too sweet. Thank you :)