Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Recap 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

We had so much fun this Halloween. Lucas was Woody from Toy Story, of course (along with every other 3 year old boy in town)... but he was definitely the cutest! Blake was Woody when he was Luke's age too.
Lucas and Brooklyn were getting ready to trick or treat together. She was a "batterina". How precious.
Seriously, how handsome is he going to be when he grows up? But he isn't going to do that (grow up), so I guess that ruins that vision.
Blake wanted to be a baseball zombie this year, and this is what we came up with. He helped make it and loved how it turned out.
Brothers! Lucas makes sure everyone knows that is his brother. He is proud...
Cag pulling Lucas and Brooklyn in the wagon. Blake was on his own. Sucks getting bigger huh?
Lucas trick or treating with Andabef. OK her name is really Anna Beth, but this is what he calls her. She is one of my best friends little girl and they are the same age. I know it is from the back but how cute is that Tinkerbell costume made by her mom Amanda? Lucas calls her his girlfriend. He really believes it. HA!
Love this one!!! Notice Blake is missing a lot? That is because we could not keep up with him.

In front of the colorful fountain downtown. They had so much fun!

They are already ready for next Halloween! Wonder what they will be into next year? Who knows...


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