Monday, November 15, 2010

High on the hill was a lonely goatherd

My Nanny and Pawpaw got 2 goats a while ago, and now they have a whole herd. Those things multiply quick. They have 3 babies, and we went to check them out yesterday afternoon. The grey one I am holding was my favorite. His name is Boots.

I cannot for the life of me remember the black ones name, but he was cute too. They all were precious. My kids love going to their house. I swear, it is like an episode of American Pickers. We always leave with a car load. Cagney just rolls his eyes. I came home with some antiques this time. I have a sled that I cannot WAIT to put out at Christmas!

This white one is actually the grey ones twin. Her name is Betsy. Boots and Betsy. I love it!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!


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Lisa said...

Sound of Music huh? These are awesome pics made with your phone honey. This blog is amazing!