Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack-O-Lantern Night 2010

Monday night we carved our pumpkins, finally. We have been so super busy I didn't know if we would ever get around to it!
Lucas could have done this all day long. He loved sticking his hands in all the goo.
.... as you can see! :)
Blake was bouncing around so much I could barely get him in a picture. He was too busy playing with all the bugs that were attracted to the porch light.
Cagney trying to be a perfectionist.
My pumpkin is done mom!
Have I ever mentioned how photogenic Blake is? It's amazing..... ;)
Blake's skull pumpkin. It was supposed to be 3 skulls but Cag accidentally cut the one to the left out.
Putting the jack-o-lanterns on display!

Now I have two costumes to finish, and some other Halloween arts and crafts we are doing in the next couple of days! Can't wait til the weekend!


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Anna said...

Nic, Oh My how they both have grown! I mean they will be grown men before you know it! Maybe one day soon ya'll can come visit and I can teach them how to ski!! They are precious!!