Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just another day....

This is my music loving 3 year old having fun on the slide. I am totally not kidding when I say he is going to turn out just like his dad. He loves music, has 3 guitars, and already wants to play football. I said no to the football thing for a couple more years, for now we are sticking to t-ball, he is only 3. We are pretty hooked on Garth Brooks right now, and borrowed my dad's box set. Lucas' new favorite song is Rodeo, and let me tell you, we know ALL the words already.... (insert eye roll). Between that and having completely memorized Toy Story 3 already, I think I am set for a while.

This is pretty much all Blake does. He is completely consumed with hunting, and the poor kid never gets to go. None of the men in our family hunt, except my dad and he does not go very often at all. For Christmas he has asked for: A new bow, extra arrows, a camo hunting tent, a deer target, lots of camo clothes, night vision goggles, and some new coveralls. I think we may be making some calls to nanny and pawpaw soon so we can go "hunt" at their house. He shot a bird the other day in the front yard. A song bird, that he shot just to show off. It made me sad. Am I just a sap, or is this a boy thing? My husband and brother-in-law assure me they used to do this as well. Broke my heart though.

(Don't worry guys, it's a pellet gun, I don't let him play in the yard with rifles).

On another note, I am a grandma! Never thought I would be one at such an early age, but Glory made me a granny for the second time. She had 7 babies last Monday. SEVEN. One didn't make it. :(

They take after their father.

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