Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

This Thanksgiving was wonderful as usual. Busy as ever. We had three places to go this year. First stop was my nannys, which was the only place I took the camera out of the car even. Bad mama, I know. It was a busy day. Above is my daddy, nanny, and my Uncle Rog- WAIT! I mean Uncle Stacey. (inside joke) :)
Daddy, Nanny, PawPaw, and Uncle Stacey
Me with my Nanny and PawPaw
My PawPaw, Mom, Nanny, and Daddy
Me and my little familia with my Nanny and PawPaw
My Nanny and PawPaw with my two cousins, Morgan and Jordan, and their dad, my Uncle Stacey.

Wonderful Thanksgiving! That night? I never went to bed. My sister and I hit up WalMart around 10 to get some of the 12:01 deals. Worth it because I finished Lucas completely. Blake? Still working on him. We stood in line outside Target from about 1:30, til they opened at 4. My mom, Denise, Courtnee, and BFF Amanda met us there. Luckily we did NOT get cussed out when they entered the line. I got everything I went in for! Scored a dual screen DVD player for the car for 85 bucks! Guess which kids will be opening this early since we leave for Gatlinburg on the 9th? MINE! I also scored some other things, but shouldn't say just now since certain people read this blog. Not a lot of people, but SOME do. Shocker! :)

(It's going to drive that few of you crazy isn't it??) NA NA NA BOO BOO!

I came home Saturday morning after breakfast at iHop and crashed around 8 am! Thanks to my dad and wonderful father-in-law for taking one kid each so I could sleep til about 2 o'clock!

The next day we put up the Christmas decor. The boys handled the outdoors, while I put everything up inside. They came in that afternoon so we could all decorate the tree.

Blake pretty much did this the entire time. Glory had six puppies and they are 5 weeks now, so he loves to play with them. This is the sweetest pic.
"I dedicate this house to the Chappell Family Christmas."
Looking good there Sparky! (Those of you close to me will totally realize how appropriate that was! HAHA!)
I just wanted a pic of him in his Carhartts. Because it's cute. And he is the cutest Stud muffin on the planet. True story...
He made me a nervous wreck.
Welp, Sunday, Cag and Luke played outside and I watched a lot of FA LA LA LA Lifetime. I will post some pics of the inside later. :)


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