Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paisley is Ten Months Old!

 My sweet girl, you are ten months old! It is so hard to grasp. Stop growing now! Please! :)

I weighed you today. You weigh right under 18 lbs. Such a petite little girl. You are getting pretty long though. Several people have noticed. You are extremely strong. You pick up things and move them and leave us in amazement. You are also becoming a little Hudini. You can unbuckle yourself in your high chair and stand up, which scares me to death! I don't want to upset you when I say this, but you may be just a tad dramatic. Just saying. You can throw a fit with the best of them. I am hoping this is one thing you soon outgrow. You are also eating like it is nobodies business. You can put away some food to be so teeny. I have yet to feed you something that you did not like or turned away.

Your paci is a permanent staple most of the time. We need to work on that...

This i smy new favorite photo of you. We did a photo shoot at Grammy and Grampys and you did okay. It didn't go as smooth as the last one. Look how wonderful the pictures came out anyway. You are just beautiful!

This grin makes my day!

I have to say, I get more comments from people on your eyes than anything. People stop me in the store aall the time. Old men mostly. It's so sweet.

You are just about walking. You stand on your own for a few seconds. It will not be long at all.

Also, we discovered this month that even though you love swimming and love the water, you hate sand.

You will be a cheerleader. I can feel it. You practice already!

I think this is the one piece of clothing you have that describes you the most.

Your brothers are still just as crazy about you as they ever were.

I love you so much sweet girl. Now I am off to begin planning your first birthday party. I ordered the invitations yesterday. It's going to be precious, but it is killing me!

Love, Mommy

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Whitney Dyer said...

Happy 10th Months Paisley! My daughter Peyton does the same thing with her legs...I'm hoping she won't be a cheerleader, but it sure looks like with all the leg moves and the way she sits! Beautiful eyes!!! We are planning a bday party too and I'm so sad as well! Where did the year go?