Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

 I am loving this picture of Paisley and her daddy! It is so sweet and precious. I feel like I have been slacking so bad in teh blogging department. Our computer is literally giving me fits and I fear it may wind up in the shop again very soon. I think our hard drive is going bad. :( Not sure but that is what all signs point to. We have been extremely busy. We will start with Memorial Day (I AM behind, geez).

Our Memorial Day this year was pretty low key. We did what we do every year and had a few people over. We had some friends and some family. We pretty much swam all day long and ate some amazing food.

 Lucas and his hero. Literally. :)

 Me and my sweet baby boy.

 My boys ready to swim like crazy!

 My three babies.

 Blake jumping in. He loves that this camera is pretty fast!

 Brothers jumping together. They do this a million times a day it seems.


 Paisley was practicing her cheer skills with a heel stretch. HA! Poor thing did not feel well at all that day. We found out at the doctor the next day that she had some fluid in her ear. We got an antibiotic and she has been great! Thank God!

 The hubs and his hula woman. She is solar powered and sways all day long.

 Lucas and his friend swimming together. He was so excited that one of his friends came over!

 I tried to get a good picture of her in her bathing suit but this picture pretty much sums up how she felt. She went to sleep shortly after.

 She loves riding the shark so she can chew on it. I fear she may pop it soon enough.

Lucas and his cousin having a wagon ride!

We are enjoying summer so far. The hubs was off all week last week and this week the kids and I have been bust running errands and getting some sun. Saturday is pretty exciting because we will be attending BUFFETT BABY! The hubs and I cannot wait for a grown up day!!


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