Monday, April 2, 2012

Party Time!

Yesterday was the day Lucas had been waiting for. Party day! His birthday was on Friday and we had some cookie cake and gave him a present then but his party was Sunday. We had it at a local bounce house place. I like this place better than Chuck E Cheese or somewhere because you get the entire place to your party. Nobody gets lost in the other 8,000 kids that are there on a Sunday afternoon. That is where the real fun was!

Of course Paisley wanted me to hold her the entire time. I had to give her to my mom and run and hide so she wouldn't cry for me to get her back. Breaks my heart but it was Lucas' day and I wanted to spend some time with him. She understands ;)

All the babies. They are getting too big too fast.

My sister took Paisley down the small slide. She DID NOT like it. Not one bit. No more inflatables for her for a good while.

Lucas and his dad had a blast in the boxing ring. The bigger kids pretty much stayed in here the entire time.

Finally got Blake to pause for a pic. Very briefly.

Brayden wants to go again. He loved it.

My mom and I made cupcakes instead of getting a cake. They are red and blue for Mario colors. To get a Mario cake was just a little pricey when they were just going to devour it as soon as it hit the table. We got compliments on how good they were though.

Lucas had a special chair in the party room!

He wanted a picture with his sister...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Making a wish....

He had some great friends and family come out. He said it was his best birthday yet! I think 5 is old enough though. :)

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