Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Some Randoms...

I have been a blog slacker. I have so many things to post and I just have not done it. I feel like I literally do not have the time though. Three kids is no joke. Especially during baseball season and when the weather is so beautiful!

Lucas brought me down a notch and reminded me how serious Mario is as a kid. He was playing Mario Kart and asked me who he should be. I said Donkey Kong and he said no. I said Bowser and he said no. He suggested Yoshi. I sarcastically said "well maybe you shouldn't ask me to pick and you should do it." His response? "Yeah...... you're probably right."

I am going to begin Move It Monday again. I hope to have hubby take a progress pic for me tomorrow. I have lost thirty pounds since January! Yes, I am bragging! :)

Paisley's favorite place is in MY arms. No one elses. Her favorite word? Dada. She says it 24-7. The separation anxiety does not seem to be getting much better for her. She still has her little spells. We have two concerts to go to this summer and I am a nervous wreck about leaving her with someone. More for them than me. Hopefully we get past it soon.

GCB s my new favorite show. I laugh out loud during every single episode. I guess I had to find something else now that One Tree Hill is gone for good. :(

I am terrified of the tanning bed since I had an abnormal spot removed a few years ago. I have not been near one since. I have searched for a good self tanner without looking like I rolled in Doritos. I found an airbrush spray called Toma's at the beauty supply and I highly recommend it!

We are in the process of opening the pool. It is such a pain but will be totally worth it very soon! I am so ready for summer.

Paisley has finally mastered the art of crawling and is doing it the correct way. Well, sometimes. She still throws her leg all the way around her body and uses her foot.

Lucas cracks me up. His favorite song is One Glorious Day by Casting Crowns which makes my heart happy. He sings it so loud every time he asks me to play it for him. He also loves Drunk on You by Luke Bryan. He says "Girl you make my sneakers go boom boom." Ha!
Blake is half way through crct testing which is a huge deal in the 5th grade. It stresses me out more than him.

If you have seen the new version of the movie Footloose then you have seen the line dancing scene where they dance to a song called Fake ID by Big and Rich and Gretchen Wilson. I want to literally learn this line dance so bad I cannot stand it. The movie was filmed in our home town too which is really cool.

The hubby has started planting our vegetable garden. We had one two hears ago and it was really small. This year it isnt huge, but we did make it double the size of the one we had before. We also got some grape vines and apple trees.

Baseball is in full swing now. The boys are enjoying it. I still wonder if Lucas is going to wind up being a football player. He loves contact sports and tackling is his favorite. I'm sure his daddy would hate it if he played football. I wonder if Paisley will cheer... I woukd love to coach!

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