Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucas' 5th Birthday

Lucas' actual birthday was the Friday before his party. Last year we spent the day at Chuck E Cheese. This year we were a little more low key. We just stayed in and I let Lucas pick what we did all day. It was like a "Lucas says" day. He was all for it.

The hubs and I got him a plasma car. I had seen these all over blog land and I knew we had to have one. I wanted two so we could race them.

This is what happened when I told Cagney that they held adults too. HA!

He has been riding it inside too. He can't get enough of it. He rides it from his room to the kitchen all day long.

This is Paisley's new favorite toy.

She only like to be in it if I am right there with her though. If I venture to far she freaks.

My sweet babies playing...

I love this grin. He was being bashful, but loving it.

Make a wish!!!

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