Monday, April 16, 2012

Move It Monday: April 16, 2012

Move it Monday is back! I have decided that my computer time will be focused more on my blog from here on out. I love looking back on older posts and it reminds me why I wanted to start doing it in the first place. Here goes the first Move it Monday in a while...

Since New Years Day I have lost a total of.... drum roll.... THIRTY pounds! I am completely shocked. I still have quite a way to go but words cannot describe how this feels. Thirty pounds is a huge difference to the person that usually stops at five or ten. Especially when you are wearing jeans that you did not fit into for the entire year before I got pregnant with Paisley. WAHOO!

I have looked back at my list of rewards I posted about here. I have yet to go and buy myself some cute workout gear. I have not been to Victoria's Secret to get a super cute sweatsuit either. I figure it is too hot for one now and I will wait until Fall rolls around and maybe I'll be even smaller.... I DID score myself a pretty sweet water bottle though. It's a CamelBak. The kids got the same kind for baseball. I think my husband almost had a stroke when he saw how much I spent on three water bottles, but they are soooo worth it. I love my water bottle and take it everywhere I go. I literally do not leave the house without it. Mine is purple, my favorite color.

I have still been watching what I eat. I eat smaller portions at meals and snacks and have a TON of water. I do not deprive myself though. If we go to a family function or holiday celebration with cake, I eat a small piece instead of two pieces. If I have a craving for some of the kids Oreos (which is a lot less often than it was before), I eat two and feel so much better than if I would have tried to fight the feeling and ate way more than I should in the long run. This method seems to work MUCH better for me. We just planted our vegetable garden yesterday so I am excited to get cooking!

I do workout. When I can. If I miss a day, I do not beat myself up. While the boys are at school Paisley and I have enjoyed some great walks. She loves the outdoors so this is a perfect activity for us. We started c25k also. Gets the heart rate up. I am loving my jogging stroller more and more. Just keeping up with all three kids and their activities is a workout in itself.

I am going to be bold again and share some pics I am pretty proud of. It doesn't look like a huge difference, but I sure can tell.



Front and side views.


This was me in December of last year and then at the beginning of April.

I love this.

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Whitney Dyer said...

Congrats! You look amazing and are such an inspiration. I'm trying to lose some myself, but not doing so well. I found your blog on Kelly's Korner when she was talking about monogram clothes. Your letter "P" stood out, as I have a daughter named Peyton who is 8 months as well as Paisley. Again, congrats and thanks for posting-definitely lets me know that I can do it!

Ashley said...

30 pounds, rock on girly! That is awesome. I bet it was hard work, but I can definitely see the difference in your pictures. It is paying off!

Nicole said...

Thanks guys. It has not been easy but well worth it. Makes me want to go further for sure!

jen said...

wow, 30 pounds is awesome. good job!!