Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas!

My sweet baby is FIVE years old today. That just doesn't sound right. Lucas, you showed me a kind of love I never even knew I had inside me. My entire world changed for the better the day I found out you were a teeny tiny little thing growing in my belly. No words could ever express the feeling you have given me. The bond we have is so special. You fill me up with so much love.

This year you started pre-k. Now you only have a few months until you begin kindergarten.

Your imagination amazes me more and more each day. You take the most random items and turn them into treasures in your eyes. I love your spirit.

You look just like I did when I was little. You get more and more handsome as the time goes on.

You started baseball last year, but this year you have become quite the little ball player. Next yer you move up to coach pitch.

You became a big brother also. This is one job you are amazing at. I can tell that you still get jealous to this day (we will not even mention how bad you were when we came home from the hospital). No matter how jealous you get, when you don't know I am watching you never cease to amaze me with how sweet and loving you are to you precious sister. Everyone thinks she looks just like you too.

You tell your daddy all the time that he is your best friend. The precious thing is, you mean it with all your heart when you say it. The two of you crack me up when you are together. He is clearly your hero.

You do not have a shy bone in your body. You must take after your brother in that department. You are always the life of the party. That is no exaggeration.

You started learning to swim this past summer. I cannot wait to see if you remember any of it. You love the water.

You like to dress up as characters and play. You would much rather make up your own game or story than read a book or play a video game. I love that about you.

It seems like we took the above picture yesterday. You were one month old.

You were about two weeks in this one. On your first Easter.

I hope the two of us can have times like this together forever. This was a wedding we were both in. Maybe you will never become too embarrassed by me and take me on some mommy/son dates... You are already so girl crazy.

Family of four. This is when you were the baby. Although in my heart you will always be my baby.

This was last year on your birthday. Today is exactly one year since this photo. It's crazy how you can look so much bigger, yet still so small.

This song has always made me think of you:

Well there you are baby. Another year together. I thank God every day for you. You are the sunshine of my life. I love you so much!




Amanda said...

Okay now I'm crying. I can't believe how big he is!

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Anna said...


You have the cutest kiddos!! Like Amanda said, you made me cry too! Thanks for sharing because they are precious!


Chappell of Love said...

Thanks guys. I cried the whole time writing it. Haha. They're pretty great kids, I think I'll keep 'em ;)