Monday, January 14, 2013

Zoo Day

We had the nicest weather this weekend. It stayed around 70 degrees and wasn't too hot or cold. It was overcast but really nice out. We decided to take a chance at the zoo yesterday and we lucked up big time. Lovely weather and small crowds. It was very nice! Paisley had the time of her life looking at all of the animals. Everything she saw was a "puppy".

BEWARE!!! Picture overload ahead. I had to try out my new lens and I am very pleased with it!

Try to hang in through all the picture madness!

Silly boys.

Amazed at the elephant puppy.

I LOVE how this turned out.

He has mastered being a girl daddy.

I may have been obsessed with the gorillas. We watched them forever.

Really buddy?

After a picnic in the park we headed home to watch the hubs have a heart attack over the Falcons game. They pulled it off but we were a little scared for him at one point!

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Amanda said...

These pictures are great! You should totally use them in a portfolio if you ever decide to be a photographer! Especially the animal ones!