Tuesday, January 8, 2013

iPhone Pics Catch Up

Figured I better catch up on the phone pics. I took a little hiatus and now I am playing catch up! I promise after this post I will be all caught up and hopefully I will have something half way interesting to blog about. Ha!

Bowling with daddy.

Happy New Year!

Coffee on the back porch...

Iron Man is not above tea parties with his baby sister.

Someone loves the new bell. Good thing she can't reach it yet!

Random dance party in the living room.

She was rocking her baby and saying over and over "Bok Bye Babyyyyy"

A princess waiting on her daddy to come inside.

Best. Toy. Ever!

He was told to show his chest hair! HA!

Photo bombing.

Amazing gift!!

LOVE the look on her face. She's like "whatcha gonna do about it?"

New shades!

That's not how you play with it.....

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