Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project 52: Week One

I know people have heard of Project 365. It's when you take a photo a day every. single. day. With three kids running around and us being super busy all the time it just is not really possible. I mean, I guess it could be but it would require some serious commitment on my part. I did not want to set myself up for failure.I saw that bleubird had come up with this I thought it was the best idea for someone like me. It;s called Project 52 and you take a picture once a week. Less commitment = hopeful success? Hehe.

I will be taking a picture of each kid once a week at least ad I will pick my favorite if I actually take more. I plan on making a book out of these at the end.

Blake: being Blake! Hehe

Paisley: Dress up. A favorite of hers!

 Lucas: Sight words. He was excited to move on to sight "sentences" as he says. I love that he loves reading.

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