Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Disney Jar!"

 As I previously announced here, we are taking the kids to Disney in a few months. We scored the free dining plan and couldn't pass it up. I am SO excited I could burst. All the kids know is that we really want to be able to take them there one day. They have no idea we are actually going. We plan to tell them the morning of. I'm pretty confident it will be the surprise of the century! Mom and Dad are getting huge points come fall!

Anyway, since we have been talking about rhe idea of everyone in the family wanting to go, we started a "Disney Jar". This was our best idea yet. The kids love it. Every penny they find they yell, "Disney Jar!" Hence the post title. Literally. It's quite awesome! This has also shown me how badly they actually want to go. I mean they were willing to put birthday money in there, (I totally didn't let them).

 I bought some scrapbook paper at our local Michaels. Two sheets on clearance for 20 cent apiece. Of course we went with a Disney themed paper.

 Here I go again with the old formula cans. A coffee can would work really well too. I washed it out and let it dry, then added the paper with mod podge in a matte finish. I trimmed the excess with my exacto knife.

Print a label to mod podge on top of the paper once it is dry and VOILA! You have a savings jar (well... can) for less then 50 cent. Can't beat it! This would work for any type of vacation fund.

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