Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paisley's Six Month DIY Photo Shoot!


We have been SUPER busy. That is actually an understatement. With two kids ending baseball and the school year coming to a close I have not sat down at all. Plus in the midst of it all, our computer messed up. I still am not one hundred percent sure what went wrong but we had a very smart and wonderful friend take a look at it for us and for now it is working again (knock on wood). I have missed blogging so bad!

These photos were actually taken almost three months ago. I had been meaning to post them for a while but had other things on my mind I guess. I am getting around to it now and that is all that matters! I took these myself and I am pretty darn proud. I forked out the big bucks for newborn photos and it just wasn't in our budget when it came to six months. So I gave it a shot and I am kind of glad I did. I just took them in the pasture at my Nanny and Pawpaw's house.

This one I actually took in their barn...

She looks super prissy right here. This captures her personality perfectly.

LOVE these little rolls!

Now for some outtakes! HA!

 This shows what a wonderful daddy he is. It started sprinkling and he held this over her so I could try and continue.

We were going for a cute Easter shot. Well, everyone but Paisley was going for it.

She is a diva already. She literally had a team following her around the pasture. Both of her brothers, both parents, her grandparents, her great grandparents, and her Aunt! What a high maintenance little thing! :)

I am going to attempt this again in about two weeks for some nine month photos. Hope they turn out this good!

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