Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

 This weekend was the first time we got to swim! We have our own pool but it isn't ready to swim in yet. Nana and Pawpaw had theirs ready so we headed on over. The kids were dying to get in. Then they felt the water. Freezing! They didn't mind it for too long though, as you can see above...

Paisley got to swim for the very first time. She loved it. She didn't even mind that the water was cold. 
She stayed in for a long while. Longer than I thought she would last.
Dad was busy building a corn toss game. We are headed to Buffett next month and he has been wanting his own game for a while. He built it and now I am going to paint it.

 Paisley moved to the baby pool. She had enough of the big one and I had been letting this one warm up.

Big brother joined her for a few. He is so sweet with her. MOST of the time.

This is the first year that he got some cash for his birthday. He spent some of it on this new bathing suit. It is now his favorite attire. I will be surprised if the Monster Jam one even makes an appearance this year...

I'm just glad Paisley enjoys the water. At our house we are pool people almost every day! :)

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