Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paisley is Seven Months Old!

My sweet girl. You are now seven months old. (Technically you have been seven months for around a week. I have three kids, so I am a little late with this post. You still love me though, right?) The bigger you get the faster you seem to change. You have such a personality and are into everything. You play your heart out and already want to be doing everything to keep up with your big brothers. At your six month check up you were 15 lb 4 oz. I think you may weigh at least 16 something now. According to our home scale anyway. You are getting better about going to other people now but you still are very much a mommy's girl. You still love everything I give you. There is not a food you have turned down. You don't seem to do well with juice though. You are content with water and that suits me just fine. Just like your mommy, a water lover! You love to go on walks with me. I am sad you are getting so big so fast, but so ready for you to be my little BFF. Who am I kidding... you practically already are. :)

We walk every morning after we take bubba to school. This is your favorite spot and I take you there every day. If there is a breeze the water will mist us and you think it is so funny. It has been pretty warm recently. You are an outdoorsy girl.

We went bowling. You weren't the biggest fan. We had to pass you back and forth in between turns.

Clapping is one of your many new talents. You clap on command now, all we have to do is say "YAY!" You also got two teeth this month on the bottom. You refuse to let me get a good picture though.

You have started napping more with daddy. I think daddy uses this to his advantage... hehe

We had a photo shoot ourselves for your six month portraits. I will post more on these later but it turned out amazing and I think we have a future in this instead of paying photographers. At least until we need a family picture.

We were so blessed to be able to dedicate you this month. We are really so thankful that God sent you to us.

You also started sitting up. You are a pro now. You love to play with your Laugh and Learn house since you have mastered this.

Then you went to all fours. In the same day. You have been a busy girl this month! You rock on your knees like crazy!

This may be your last picture ever with a bow. I love them so much and you continuously rip them off your head as soon as I put them on now.

You love to play with all of your toys.

You attended your first concert this month. Daddy was so happy that you were so excited to hear him.

You don't just play with toys. Your favorite things to play with are things that are not toys at all.

You are your brother's biggest fan. Both of them. You have your cute little baseball outfit and attend every game, happy as can be!

You have grown so much and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for us in the near future. You have already started new things just in the last few days. I love you sweet girl.


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Andrea said...

She is so adorable! I love the picture you took and can't wait to see the rest!