Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day 2012

WOO! I am worn out. I finally have a few minutes to sit alone and work on the blog. I love this blog, it is like an outlet for me. Unfortunately we have had numerous doctor appointments, two kids starting baseball, school, a baby that decided not to nap for about four days straight (AT ALL), and some personal stuff all going on so I have slacked BIG time. I guess life just happens, huh? Here's to catching up!

This Valentines Day was pretty low key. We did get to go on our first date since Paisley was born. We went to Longhorn and then cosmic bowling. It's usually a movie and I wanted to see The Vow. I went with my mom the night before because I knew he had no desire to see it (I wasn't that impressed by the way). It was nice to actually go somewhere together where we could actually interact with each other. He even flirted with me a little! (hee hee).

Lucas made these for his teachers for their school party. Some wonderful smelling hand lotion and some cute cutouts of his sweet little hands.

These are the Valentines he gave to his friends at school. I saw the idea on pinterest and just googled the saying on the card. I had found this cute printable version in about two minutes.

Paisley and I made a sweet hand print.

Paisley waiting to go in for her brother's school party. She was so excited!

Lucas was so cute. The kids put on a cute little program and sang the sweetest songs.

His shirt says "Most Eligible Bachelor". I found it at WalMart for about four dollars. Score! AND it is cute!

Opening their gifts from Cag and I.

The sweetest little Valentine ever!

Minnie Mouse ears from mommy and daddy!

They're so cool in their shades!

Paisley's first rose. Her daddy brought it to her on Valentines Day. So sweet.

My roses from Cagney. I'm such a lucky woman to have found him!!


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