Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gorgeous Day at the Park... In January

I honestly am still in disbelief that it has been so warm. Last year the kids had already missed a ton of school due to ice and snow. Cagney was off for almost an entire week because the roads were so bad. Not this year.

I really am thankful. Paisley loves the outdoors so much and she is at such a fun stage. She stares at everything outside in such amazement and wonder. It's like everything is magic for her right now.

We headed to the park after I picked Lucas up from school yesterday. It was Paisley's first trip and I have to say, it may be her hangout. She loved watching all the older kids running around and the birds... she even loved the walking trail.

We had lunch there. We will do this a lot in the spring. Sure beats being cooped up at the dining room table.

The sun was in their eyes and this mom didn't even realize it. Go me!

I hope we have a lot more weather like this very soon!


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Andrea said...

how fun! I have been enjoying awesome weather too, but we haven't made it to the park yet!