Monday, August 1, 2011

36 Weeks

This was taken at my cousin Shannon's baby shower this past Saturday. She is having a baby girl in September (Hayleigh Grace). Christy is my other cousin (and her sister) and she is having a baby boy due beginning of October (Colton Wayne). I am due in 3 week, Shannon is due in 6 weeks, and Christy is due in 9 weeks. We totally planned this, NOT!

My Grammy had to rub the bellies! Paisley has dropped. That's for sure!

How Far Along:36 weeks
Size of baby: Paisley is the size of a watermelon.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am at a total of exactly 20 lbs. now. Much better than I did with Lucas.
Maternity Clothes: Most of my maternity shirts are just about too short.
Gender: It's a Girl! Paisley Nicole Chappell
Movement: She still moves, but not as much. Probably due to lack of room.
Sleep: So-so. Just depends on if I can get comfortable long enough to fall into a deep sleep, which is hard.
What I miss: Being able to pick Lucas up and play. Bending over to dry my hair without hurting. Shaving my legs easily. Going up the stairs without losing my breath.
Cravings: Nothing in particular.
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night. Slight swelling (nothing at all like it was at Lucas). Back pain. Braxton hicks.
Best Moment this week: Being full term! Yay! You can come anytime now Paisley!

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