Thursday, August 18, 2011

The nursery is complete!

It is finally finished. Now we are ready for Miss Priss to come home. She is coming in five days, so I am going to be busy cleaning and stocking the house until then (and maybe resting since I will not do much of that once she does come).

This is hanging on her bedroom door. My mom ordered it on Etsy. So cute.

The changing table and closet. The maternity picture above the changing table is just temporary. I am having a lady do some newborn pictures of her, so when I get those back we will be hanging one of them instead.

This is the same glider I had in Lucas' nursery. The cushions were blue and white then. My Grammy recovered it and I have gotten so many compliments on it.

A beautiful bed for a sweet baby girl.

Her armoire. I can't bare to take that diaper cake apart until she is big enough to wear the diapers.

Her daddy picked out her light. It really makes the entire room.

Is it bad that these are full and I still need another bow holder? Not used to all these accessories.

We have five days til the big arrival. We are all on pins and needles. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for posting pictures of the Petite Paisley pattern online. When you google the pattern, your blog and the pottery barn website are the only two that come up.

I decorate nurseries and kid rooms with custom pieces of art and my latest challenge was to match an 18 X 24 painting to the Petite Paisley pattern. This was to be a surprise gift, so I didn't have access to the bedding. I was planning to just buy it and return it to pottery barn, but called the store and realized it was online only. Usually Pottery Barn uses a lot of light in their pictures which usually lightens the pattern. So, you have no idea how helpful it was to see the bedding taken in a real setting. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My client said her sister LOVED the final product! If you want to see it, there's a picture of it in a matching owl listing on etsy.

If you ever need any art, I would seriously give you a discount! Thanks and enjoy your new addition!

Samantha said...

I love the bow holders! Dropping by from KK.

Emily said...

I saw the chandelier in the little pic on Kelly's blog and had to click and check it out. Cute room!

Jeremy and Megan said...

Such a fun, girly room!! Love the bedding and bow holder!! :) Can a girl ever have too many bows?! :)