Friday, August 19, 2011

Fifth Grade

Somebody started fifth grade last week. He keeps referring to himself as a senior now. So far so good with the school work. Fifth grade is already much harder for me than any other grade so I know it is harder on him. Seems to be adjusting well so far though. I think we are in for a great year.

Little brothers favorite thing to do now is watch the bus come in the morning. I feel so bad, but I try to not wake him so I can lay back down for about an hour. I know starting next week I will be up and not able to lay back down so I will get him up then. Being nine months pregnant is catching up with me and I love the sleep.

The bus comes about 7 am every morning. He seems to like riding it. It is his first year doing so. I just knew that having a newborn, one in pre-k, and one in Elementary school there was no way I could leave the house four times a day to do school pick up's and drop off's. So for this year, the bus it is.

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