Sunday, July 31, 2011

Build a Bear for Sissy!

Today I took Lucas to do something for his baby sister that I had been promising since we found out we were having a baby. My mom, my sister and I took him to Build a Bear to make Paisley her very first stuffed animal. He got to pick everything. He was so excited.

He picked a cream colored bear.

He did the whole routine happily. Rubbed the heart everywhere (even on my belly) and made a special wish for his sissy that is making her debut in about three weeks.

We then had to bathe her of course.

She has on a Georgia cheerleading outfit. So appropriate. The one he made himself at Christmas had a Georgia jersey on it.

He named the bear Delilah. He is so random with picking names. Makes it all the more special.

Of course he got his way and brought one home for himself too. Nana was there, so I am not surprised. He chose a Braves jersey this time. Named his bear Buddy.


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