Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Pics- Part One

Vacation 2011 pictures! WARNING: Very long post of beach pics of my kids. Just in case you aren't as interested as I am! HA!

We will start off with pics of the two Scuba Steve's we took with us.

He had to be buried in the sand. He loved every second of it. We have some true beach babes.

"Mommy, look what I found!" This is one of a hundred pics just like this.

We looked for crabs on the beach. Cagney realized that in the pictures his flashlight looked like a light saber.

Looking closely for crabs.

I am not sure what was going on in this picture, but I just love it. Lucas is always on Blake's tail just like this. Just a step behind him...

What started off innocently as this:

Ended up as this:

Lucas thought Blake's board was awesome!

See? A natural.

Blake was on this thing for hours. I am not kidding people, we couldn't keep them out of the water. No pool for them. We spent maybe 15 minutes out of seven days there.

Pirate Mini Golf!! A blast for them, miserable for a seven month pregnant mama! (Totally worth it to see them have a great time).

Golf is not his strong point. HAHA! He got so mad when Lucas was beating him at one point.

Teach me daddy!

Break time. You could have seriously cut that air with a knife. My cankles were lovely when we left this place.

More with the boogie board...

They spent half the day each day just investigating. Mama stayed in the beach chair and watched.

Pawpaw and Lucas checking out their discovery...

If you have a kid with eczema like I do, make them lie on their belly in salt water if you ever get the chance. Works MIRACLES.

Love how the men match in their Buffett shirts and the boys match in their Braves gear.

Pineapple Willies had the most amazing balloon artist. He seriously was doing this stuff with his eyes closed practically.

We had to bury Blake.

This is the ONLY picture of mama and Paisley you will get at the beach this year. That is because you can only see belly up. HA!

As always, Lucas picked up a chick:

...and my honey did plenty of this:

Get ready for Beach Pics part dos. I took over 500 pics while we were there. Oops!


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