Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthdays Galore!

We had two very big birthdays this past week! Monday was Cagney's birthday and he turned 27 years old! He is such a wonderful husband and we are so thankful for everything he does for us! I feel so blessed to call him my husband! Lucas and I made him a cake while Blake was at school that morning. It wasn't beautiful but it tasted great!
The Birthday Boy!
Lucas has played with this box for a week straight! He loves it. Forget toys...
Oh No! It's Captain Hook! This hanger has been his entertainment for the past week also!
Lucas and I met some friends at Chuck E Cheese on his actual birthday, which was Wednesday. His party was not until this past Sunday.
Lucas, Anna Beth, and Tripp.
Lucas and Chuck E. He is not shy!
Lucas and Finley
Lucas and Blake on his birthday.

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