Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blake got saved.

Well, today was a wonderful day!

Cagney took the boys to church this morning, while I had to set up for a baby shower for one of my friends. Blake started in on Cagney yesterday about going (we haven't been in a few weeks). This morning he was up bright and early and ready to go. Cagney decided to just take the boys on his own. I hated to not go.

I was setting up around one o'clock when my phone rang. It was Cagney and he informed me that Blake had asked to go into regular service with him instead of children's church, which is strange because he loves it in there. He said when the invitation was given that Blake took off. Didn't even ask Cagney to go with him. Just took of by himself. It's like he woke up with intentions this morning and it makes me so proud!

He has asked some questions the last two weeks since he went to church with Cagney's Mawmaw. I really could not be prouder of Blake. He is growing up so fast.

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