Thursday, April 7, 2011

Allergy Woes...

Lucas has had allergies since I can remember. He just turned 4. I found a new allergist since I was not pleased with the old one. Last Thursday when I took him, I left with eight prescriptions.

He has always had bad eczema. I left with two different ointments for this. I left with an epipen because his allergies are so bad. We still have no idea if he is allergic to bees, yellow jackets, etc. and of course the doctor would rather us be safe than sorry.

The main reason I took him last week was because we have noticed he is wheezing ALOT. One thing I was concerned of was asthma. I was right. He was diagnosed last Thursday. We left with two inhalers and a nebulizer.

Today we had to go back for an allergy test. I wanted some answers as to exactly what it might be that set him off. Last week they drew a tube of blood to test for food allergies. The results were back today. They categorize the results from Class 0- Class 6 (Six being the most severe). The results:

Peanuts: Class 5
Pork: Class 3
Eggs: Class 3
Wheat: Class 2
Milk: Class 2

Soybean: Class 2He had a couple more reactions but they were on an extremely low scale and I was told not to really worry about them unless I noticed a progression. NO peanuts whatsoever, which I knew before going. The others he can have in moderation, or take it from him for two weeks or so and see if I notice a difference. Honestly, they don't think it would make one really since he is allergic to so many other things in the air. These were the results of the stick test:Dogs was the most positive. Cats were second. Horses, gerbils, cockroaches, trees, dust mites, grass, and weeds. Pretty much, if they pricked him with it he reacted.
My poor baby :(I'd much prefer to see his precious little face looking like this.

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