Sunday, March 20, 2011

Typical Saturday Evening... well, my favorite kind...

...with a Good Morning Lucas shot thrown in! Don't you love the "do"?
Poor Blake is so bony. I keep telling him he will hit a growth spurt soon. He left right after this and went to Cag's grandparents for the night. He was excited!
This is daddy's helper. He is at the age where he likes to help ALL the time. Even if I am cleaning bathrooms. I love it. I know he will soon outgrow it.

We bought some flowers at Home Depot. Cag planted them for me this morning and they look pretty. Last night he ut the grass and serviced his mower. His prized posession. It was so warm here yesterday, like 82 degrees. I love it. But it is cooler again today. I'm thinking sixties.

We also had two ball games yesterday. Lucas had one at 12 and Blake had one at 12:30. Wouldn't you know they were at different fields? We had to slpit up for the first time ever. My Grammy and Grampy came to Lucas' game which he LOVED!! He is so excited to go stay with them in May when Cag and I head to the Buffett concert. Can I say I am just as excited for that day?? WOOHOO!!

I would have had pics of the games but I forgot BOTH of my cameras! Go figure!
My sweet boy playing outside. We are enjoying the first official day of Spring now. How about you?

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