Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a Girl!

Last night my mom and dad, mother-in-law, sister, Cagney and I went to have a gender ultrasound done. I am way to impatient to wait until 20 weeks at the doctors office. The name of the place is called Peek-a-Belly, isn't that precious? They specialize in gender prediction and 3D/4D ultrasounds.

They gave us a ton of pictures on a CD from the session. I will be adding more of course. They gave us one 3D picture which was too sweet!

Then for the money shot:

I knew what to look for in a boy. When I had my ultrasounds with Lucas it was obvious he was a boy. The tech froze the screen on this picture and just looked at me. I asked her if I could guess. She said sure. I asked hopefully, "is it a girl?" I mean when she froze that screen I knew what to look for and there was nothing there!! She replied, "Yep."

Then I cried for about 5 minutes. We went straight to Babies R Us and of course got up this morning to do even more shopping. I think my sister might provide her entire wardrobe if she isn't careful!!

We couldn't be more excited in anticipating the arrival of Paisley Nicole!

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