Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lucas' First Scar

 The picture you see above is my sweet boy in the waiting room of the hospital as we waited to have his eyebrow sewn up last week. The poor thing has always had a love/hate relationship with the bench at our dining room table. He just can't seem to sit on it without falling off at least once a week. Well, this time the bench won. He hit his eyebrow on the corner and let me tell y'all..... I think I almost died. The amount of blood that comes from a head wound SO quickly will make you think it was so much worse than it was. Thank God it wasn't. We can deal with two stitches. It could have been so much worse. Blake had stitches in his forehead this exact time last year. Weird.

 It WAS however, his first time getting stitches. AND he is five. So not really a great combo for a shot of lidocaine and a needle. I had to lay on top of him while they did it. Doesn't it just suck when you have to do things that crush you inside, but you know that it's best for your kid? I am pretty sure those days are just beginning. He was fine up until the shot and fine again about two minutes after they were done sewing him up. That's my trooper. We should be able to get them out tomorrow. It has healed very nicely.

We started a little kindergarten shopping just to make him feel better. These made his day.

Even though the "kindergarten" deal may be affecting me more than the stitches...

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