Monday, September 26, 2011

Paisley is One Month Old

Paisley you are one month old. Why does it go by so quickly? Seriously, can a whole month have passed already? You actually turned one month on the 23rd, not today. My sweet baby girl is growing too fast. You love the bath. Ever since we can submerge you in the water you love it. I think you would lie there as long as we would let you.

You are becoming more and more laid back every day Paisley. So far though, you have been the opposite of your big brother Lucas. You are a very high demand baby. Not a bad baby, you just need your mama more (which is fine by me of course). I am trying to eat up every second I get with you because I know that before long you will be a big girl.

Your dad said I can turn you into a girly girl cheerleader and that would be just fine. I think it is because he would be allowed to watch more football. Honestly, I take that back because no matter what is going on, if you are in the room he cannot take his eyes off of you. He loves his baby girl.

You love the outdoors. If you get fussy I take you onto the porch to let you look around. You are so alert now and just love to gaze outside. Today when we picked Lucas up from school, I let you see the fountain across the street. You stared in amazement for thirty minutes.

At your doctor appointment today you weighed 10 lbs 2 oz and were 22 inches long. Growing like a weed. You went from 50th percentile in both to 75th percentile in height and weight. Your head circumference went from 30th percentile to 50th. The doctor said you look extremely healthy and he couldn't find anything wrong with you if he tried. You have a blocked tear duct in each eye though, which we expect to go away soon with some massaging.

I love you more than you know Paisley!


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