Friday, September 23, 2011

August/September Randomness

Just some random stuff lately. We have been pretty darn busy adjusting to three children. I have to say, whoever said that once you had two kids going to three was a breeze is a LIAR. The lack of sleep and lack of hands has me behind on everything recently. Anyway, we took some pictures of Miss Priss going to her first doctor appointment. My sister got her this outfit the night I found out it was a girl. So sweet. I am loving purple on her too.

Mommy and baby getting ready for our first outing since being home.

Daddy admiring his princess. He does this A LOT. Melts my heart. :)

All ready to go!

Blake loves to hold her. He is always asking, we can't keep him away!

My mom and Lucas put this sign in our yard. It was there when we got home from the hospital. He was so proud that he had a surprise for us, it was precious...

First bath and NOT liking it. Now she loves bath time. She is kind of temperamental, but it's like bath time soothes her. She just stares at us like she is so relaxed.

Feeling much better now that she is dry.

Just had to add this since the outfit is PRECIOUS.

Another wonderful big brother here! He just stared at her for ten minutes and didn't even realize we were watching him <3

Hopefully, I am close to being back on track.


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