Monday, September 5, 2011

Lucas started Pre-K!

My sweet baby boy started pre-k. He was supposed to start August 23rd, but since we had a planned c-section for that day he started on the 24th. His daddy left the hospital the next morning and took him for his very first day of school ever. Guess who got to miss it? Mommy. :( I cried about it and moved on. At least one parent got to experience it, and he took some pictures for me.

We actually went to his open house the night before I had the baby. He was very excited to start and not afraid at all. He is a very outgoing child, so no crying for him.

On the steps to the school. The school is at a Baptist church near here and we used to go to church with the women that run it. It is an amazing school and I feel so blessed that we were able to send Lucas there for pre-k. It was important to us to send him to a faith based program.

Off he goes!! My baby boy leaving his mommy for the real world. Okay, maybe it affects me way more than him. He is loving every minute of it though. Seeing him blossom makes me happy. :)


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