Monday, December 7, 2009

The house as it is now.....

Well, I figure if I am going to take this journey of redoing my 5 year old home, I might as well document it with pics. Of course, right? These are all before pictures, keep that in mind. There is nothing wrong with my house, I just want to make it a home. This is going to be a long post, so please, bear with me. Here goes:

This is what our house looked like (the only pic I can find is a snow one):
We decided we were going to close in our garage. It's pretty deep, so we could get at least 4 good rooms out of it. We want to have another baby in about a year or so, so we need the room. We will make a "man cave", an office/craft room for me, a playroom for the boys, and a mud room which I have ALWAYS wanted!! This is hubby closing in the garage:
In case you were wondering, my house looked like Whitetrashville, USA for about a month or two. We had the hardest time finding the siding that would match, thus resulting in (yep, you guessed it), plywood siding! You're jealous, I can tell!. We tried everything we could think of and one day, by sheer luck, I walked into Lowes and saw it. The angels sang Hallelujah and they glowed just in case you were wondering. My entire month was made!

Now we have siding, but we still have to put up the shutters and paint the door to match. I think we are going to be bold and paint all the shutters and doors black though. I think it would look better than the red they are now.

Here is my hubby's fabulous siding job:
I plan on adding some iron art between the window and door. I have one in my kitchen that would be perfect if painted black. :)

Now for the inside. This is going to be my office:

Now for the playroom:

My mud room:I don't currently have a picture of hubby's man room. That's the main reason he is doing this I think. hehe.

That was just the garage. I also want to redo the rest of the house, but I am going to be patient and wait until we are done with the garage first! Maybe I will post some pictures of the rest of the house in a seperate post.

You guys have a great Monday!!


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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Nicole, thank you for coming by & leaving a note! And welcome to blogging, you are in for a treat. Congrats on your house & I wish you the best in making it a home. It's a process, just remember that & it takes time. Hope to see you often!