Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chicken Play

The kids new favorite activity since we have warmer weather is to go get the chickens out and chase them around the yard. They love it and I am fairly sure that the chickens enjoy being out too. We are working on their new coop and I think right now their old one is a little cramped.

We purchased five chicks a little over a month ago. We got two barred rock, two buff orpington (we already have three of these hens and we love them), and one frizzle. The frizzle died on the third day we had them and the others are still going strong.

Above is one of our barred rocks and she is standing where our soon to be garden is! I am so excited to get that garden going soon.

Blake likes to try and train them.

 They seem to love him to pieces. This is one of our baby buffs. We are still trying to think of good names and we have had them for over a month now. We need to get on that.

*please excuse the play set mess in the background. we had a small tornado a few weeks ago and have a huge mess on our hands. the hubs was rebuilding our fence as I was taking these pics.

Lucas wanted to put her on his shoulder too but she was more interested in standing on his back.

Paisley cracks me up with them. She makes the funniest faces when they do things. We have to teach her every day over and over again how to be sweet to them. She is not very gentle with the babies but she is getting there.

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