Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baseball Has Returned!

It's baseball time again around these parts. We have been practicing for about a month now and we had our first games last night. Lucas played at six and Blake played at eight. Makes for a long night at the ball field with three kids.

 Lucas right before his game. He is so much more willing to pose for me than Blake. I think I get on Blake's nerves now with my camera.

 See what I mean? This was all I got. I have to say, he looks so handsome in his uniform!

 My little center fielder! Both boys are playing center field this year. Lucas is out there in his own world. He loves baseball and going to games and practices, but he just doesn't have the best attention span yet. He is still little.

 Blake watching his little brother play. He has never played outfield before and at first was a little disappointed to be out there. I think he learned rather quickly that they get more action than anyone. Especially in the age group he is now in. He has an amazing arm. Seriously, the kid can throw. Plus he is fast.

 I got several pictures of Lucas' game and not that many of Blakes. They have two months of games so his time will come. I had a lot of help with the baby during Lucas' game.

Good Game!

 During bubba's game he watched Monster Jam on my phone. It didn't last long and he was running around with all of the other siblings!

This little princess was a trooper. She was there for a little over four hours straight and two and a half hours past her bed time!

I'm looking forward to more games. I just love baseball. Now I have both boys screaming they want to play football next fall. WHAT??! Their dad's day has officially been made!


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