Monday, June 20, 2011

Paisley's Nursery: Part One

So I am a little late starting this, but you know how life is. We started Paisley's nursery a couple of weeks ago. My husband managed to get all of this done in 24 hours. He painted, put up the furniture, and hung her chandelier. Such a trooper... (or maybe he was tired of hearing me nag)??

This is her wall color. It is called Fairest of the All and it is a Disney color. I wanted something very light, so I could use brighter things around the room. I don't know if it is the names or what, but I love to look at Disney paint. Lucas' nursery was Bippity Boppity Blue...

Lucas started with the jealousy. Once he realized we were on a mission and that this was about another child and not him, he started showing out. Cagney being the wonderful daddy he is, grabbed him and made him feel like the biggest helper ever. He was fine after that!

Proud daddy. I think it might be starting to hit him here that he is going to have a daughter, and not another son.

My sister helped him move all of the furniture out of storage since I couldn't do it obviously. Isn't she a great aunt?

The bedding!!
I am in love with it. It is Pottery Barn Kids and the name is Petite Paisley nursery bedding.

So happy to have this done. I still need to wash the sheets. I just had to put it all together though. I couldn't resist. I am in full blown nesting mode now, so watch out!!

Daddy picked this out for his baby girl. No kidding, this was one hundred percent his idea. I have to say, it pulls the entire room together already. He is going to be so wonderful with her.

I will post more updates as we go!


Candace said...

Hi there!! I am in LOVE with this bedding too!! I currently can't find the bumper, but praying it will come available before March! Room looks great!

Cara said...

Candace...I just ordered the bumper by contacting PBK online chat help. It does not show it listed online, but they said they have about 100 left. They gave me the item number & I was able to search using that number & order it. I recieved it last week. It was $99. Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Cara - I tried to contact them last weekend and the lady wasn't much help. I gave her the item info, but she didn't really give me any information. She just said if I couldn't see it online it probably wasn't available. Do you have the item # still, so I could possibly contact them. I have already picked out other items for the nursery based on this set, but now I have not been able to order it.