Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach Portraits

We just got home from the beach on Saturday. I took over 500 pictures while there. Needless to say, there will be several posts of just beach pictures. This post, I wanted to focus on the portraits we tried to take...

I wanted some type of maternity photos with Paisley. I lacked in that department when I was pregnant with Lucas. (I try and tell myself that was because I was BEYOND miserable with him).

This is the kind of smile I get from Blake and it irritates the fire out of me! Any tips on making them give a half way REAL smile??

He did much better in this one. :) This pregnancy has been much easier on me. So I decided to go for it. We always do a family photo at the beach one evening anyway. My awesome hubby got me a Nikon for my birthday/ Valentine's Day so we just used it. Figured I would save the money and I have booked a wonderful photographer to come over and do some beautiful newborn shots of Miss Priss. My mom took these.

My sweet boy had chicken pox that went away about a week before we left. That, plus his eczema and all around bad skin (plus allergies) developed into impetigo. He has had this several times before, but this time it got so bad it spread. And fast. We went to the emergency room the next morning and it cleared up within two days with an oral antibiotic. Thank goodness.

Blurry on this one. I want to try and sharpen it somehow because I think it is SO sweet. We were losing light. Fast. So we came back another night in a change of clothes.

My favorite of Cag and I.

Cag took the last one. He is so proud of it. A church had put the cross on the beach and had an Easter sunrise service. How beautiful. It was a perfect photo opportunity...

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