Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Blake!

Ten years old! How did THAT happen? Seems like yesterday you were just a three year old. You think since you hit double digits that you are an adult all of a sudden. In such a hurry to grow up!

Blowing out the candles!!

Lucas and Brooklyn waiting patiently for a slice of cake. Lucas had an allergic reaction earlier in the day and his eye actually looked ten times better at this point. It had swollen completely shut. No, we have no clue what set it off.

Papa and all his grandbabies.

Daddy and his two son-in-laws.

Poor Blake. His birthday was actually on June 10th. This month we have had the chicken pox, a death in the family, Blake being at his moms, and have been out of town for a week. We finally got around to a birthday party. Poor fella. He was pretty understanding. Especially when he got a ton of money for his birthday! He hit the jackpot!


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