Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

This is SO late, but we had family photos made in November. I picked them up a couple weeks ago and could not be happier with them. We were giving some as Christmas presents and now I get to order some for my house. It is going to be so hard picking. These are actually only a few of them. She took so many. We had a wonderful photographer. I will link her at the end of this post.

My big boy that is about to turn four years old in a couple of months. I cannot believe it and I do not want to talk about it. It makes me very sad. :(

Frame worthy for sure. Aren't they all though?? AHH!

The faded wall behind us used to clearly read Coca-Cola. In my opinion, places like this are the best places to take photos. Screw a back drop.

Anyone think my husband missed his calling? I am fairly certain he should have cheered in high school rather than playing football. I mean what white man jumps that high?? HA!

How beautiful is this color blue? Amazing.

Couple shot! We have not had a good picture made of the two of us since our wedding five years ago. I am so glad she did this.

My Muffin!

I think this one is a definite in the living room.

My favorite of the two of them together~ perfect.

Blake looks like he does this for a living. I didn't think he could keep a straight face, but kid is like a pro. No lie, tell me that is not gorgeous?!


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