Monday, August 2, 2010

Mission Playroom Organization: Accomplished

Remember when I put the really embarrassing picture of how our playroom looked on here? Oh it was bad. Let me refresh your memory:Ahhh, I cannot even bare to look.

Well we worked very hard to get rid of some of the mess, and organize the rest. Here is how we did:These tubs were 2/$10 at Sam's Club. They are a flexible rubber kind of tub, so no accidents (hopefully).I still have to pick out some fabric to make a curtain for the room. I also plan to paint that table top with chalkboard paint.See the table top? Ew. Painting asap.The layout is much better.
My husband said that this winter he would build some shelves in the closet for me. As well as some in my office closet. Maybe he will not forget, oh, that's right I will have to keep reminding him. hehe

Not too shabby. The kids and I are doing some art projects for the walls and we will be finished.

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