Monday, February 11, 2013

My New Ladies

We have been wanting chickens for a while now. We are honestly so super busy all the time that we put it on the back burner. My nanny offered to let me have this little coop and three Buff Orpingtons that she was planning on getting rid of. They are so very sweet and two years old. They weren't very high in the pecking order at her house and she had to keep them separated from her other chickens in her big coop. Well we were more than willing to give them a home. Saturday, my Pawpaw loaded them up and brought them on over!

Paisley has been obsessed with her chicken book. She was so excited when we got them here to their new home. She looks out the window out them several times a day and just squeals with excitement!

This is their coop that was given to us. They made it out of a Little Tykes log cabin playhouse. I have thoughts running through my head on how we could paint the roof of the house a neutral color and make the run a little bigger so it would be easier to walk in and out of. The hubs has shut me up with that pretty quickly! I can't help it, my mind races! HA!

My poor Lucas is allergic to every animal under the sun. I am so thrilled for him that we were able to get some pets that he can actually handle! His fish seem to bore him these days! :(

These chickens are called Buff Orpingtons. They are great layers and pretty decent in size. I have not had them that long but I can say that I highly recommend them around small children. Well, I recommend my three anyway. They are like puppies and as soon as we walk down to them they head for the door. If you go inside the coop they walk up to you and look at you as to say "aren't you going to get me?"

Miss Paisley petting her new "bok boks". I kept trying to think of names and my nanny said she had been calling them Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. I decided to keep their names as is. If you know me and know what a huge Disney freak I am, you'll understand why!

I can't wait to let them out some during the day to run around the fenced in yard. I am going to wait a while and let them get used to their new surroundings first. They seem to love us already, as much as we love them. Just check out the rewards they are already leaving:

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Amanda said...

I really like the coop! It is so much cuter than you described!