Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day of School 2012!

 We have had a busy and hectic morning. Both of our boys hit milestones today. Lucas started kindergarten and Blake started middle school.

 I cannot believe that this sweet, sweet boy that has been by my side every day for the last five years is in kindergarten now.

 I plan on doing this picture every year, just to see how it changes!

 I really believe that he would have walked in all on his own. He is such a brave kid. He has been so excited.

 How handsome!

 Finding his hook and hanging his things...

 Finding his cubby for all of his papers.

 How did he get so big so fast? I have been a mess all morning. This tore me to pieces, but it is beautiful and I had to share it:

He started school this morning, And he seemed so very small. As I walked there beside him In the Kindergarten hall. And as he took his place beside the others in the class, I realized how all too soon Those first few years can pass. Remembering, I saw him as He first learned how to walk. The words that we alone made out When he began to talk. This little boy so much absorbed In learning how to write. It seems as though he must have grown To boyhood overnight. My eyes were blurred by hastily I brushed the tears away Lest by some word or sign of mine I mar his first big day. Oh how I longed to stay with him And keep him by the hand To lead him through the places That he couldn't understand. And something closely kin to fear Was mingled with my pride. I knew he would no longer be A baby by my side. But he must have his chance to live, To work his problems out, The privilege to grow and learn What life is all about. And I must share my little boy With friends and work and play; He's not a baby anymore -- He's in Kindergarten today...

 I remember walking him to his first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. Time flies. The best advice anyone has ever given me was to cherish the "small" years.

 I didn't follow him into the school for a photo shoot. We walked him to the lobby and he told us we could go now :( I did snap a few outside...

I love these two more than anything! I guess now it is time for mommy and Paisley to have some girl time!

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