Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day 2011 was eventful. We started off with the early service at church, followed by lunch with my mother-in-law. Afterward, we went to the lake at my grandparents house. My dad took his boat, as did my Grampy and we just rode around for a while. So nice to feel the breeze.
This little man told me Happy Mother's Day everyday that week. He was excited.
My wonderful hubby playing captain. He did so good this year. He got me a new microwave. This may sound crazy, but it is exactly what I wanted! I think we were the only people we knew that did not have a vent hood microwave. I am loving the extra counter space, that's for sure!

He melts my heart.
Grampy took his boat out too.
Dad and Scott took Lucas for a spin on Scott's boat. He wasn't a fan of the speed. Must have been a little much for him.

Earlier today, I gave Lucas a hug and my earring scratched his cheek. He said "OW"! I asked what happened and he replied, "your necklace scratched me". I told him I was not wearing a necklace and he said "No mommy, your ear necklaces". Love that kid!

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