Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lucas' First Tiny Tots Game

My baby boy started baseball about a month ago, and this past Saturday he had his very first game ever! They are a 3 and 4 year old tiny tots team and their name is The Little Rascals! I love it!
The whole team! Aren't they precious?
I am partial to number 8! HA!
"Trying" to hit the ball. He has this thing where he swings... and stops right before he gets to the ball. Then he taps it. HA! I like this pic because it looks like he is really hitting it, when in reality, it just fell on top of home plate! Bless his heart. He will get it, he is only 3!
To be honest, this is the only picture that he wasn't playing in the dirt when he had to stand in one spot....
Base running! It was so entertaining, he would run to first, then pitcher's mound. Then second, then pitcher's mound. Then third, then pitcher's mound. Bless him! This age is so awesome to watch!
Good game guys!
You know I will have tons more pics up soon!

God Bless!

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