Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Resolution post

Yep, here it is. I couldn't help it. I know everyone is sick of hearing everyone else's New Years resolutions, but I have to type this out and hold myself accountable. I have a few things I would like to accomplish this year:

1. Lose weight (typical, I know, but my sister is getting married in October and I don't want to be Shamu, maid of honor standing next to her. Plus, we want one more child and I am thinking maybe we can start trying in October? DH does not know this yet, he thinks we are waiting til Febuary, but don't worry I will tell him before October :))

2. Save money (again, typical).

3. Have at least one evening a week with my husband. Even if we do not go out or get a babysitter, we need to take time at least once a week to just talk if nothing else with no distractions.

4. Learn to sew (I do not have one curtain in my house).

5. Have the garage finished by March

6. Redo my kitchen

7. Redo my laundry room

8. Get the boys new furniture and pay cash for it

9. Redo the boys rooms

10. Take a trip for our 5 year anniversary in September

11. Take a fun trip with the boys and let them pick where we go and what we do.

12. Take more home movies of the kids. This should be easy since my new Flip arrived. :)

13. Finish scrapping all pics I am behind on (it's ALOT). Also, purchase and put together the Project Life book by Becky Higgins.

Now I can cross it off as I go. hehe


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