Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe that 2010 is here. How crazy, the start of a new decade!

Yes, I am going to blab about my crazy, cliche New Years resolution. I have decided to lose weight along with the millions of other people in America. Here is where my resolution is different: I fully plan on sticking with this 100%. I have never in my life stuck with a New Years resolution and I make one almost every year.

I have a good friend that did a diet last year called the Thrive diet. I have researched it and feel that this will be the easiest for me to succeed at, (I hope so anyways...). I will update on my progress as I go. (Don't worry, my blog is not going to turn into a "diet blog", but I do consider this a "my life" blog and I will consider this weight loss journey a part of my life.

I am already a member at Sparkpeople and I am an admin to The Twilight Saga team, along with Amanda at The Paisley Farmhouse. It's a wonderful website, check it out!

Well, here is to a wonderful and blessed 2010. I hope it is amazing for everyone!


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Good luck. I am here for support even if I am pregnant lol.